The Longmont Concert Band will be performing four outdoor concerts in local parks beginning Sunday, July 11th at Kanemoto Park. Grab your chairs, a picnic blanket and bring the family out to enjoy some live music. The concerts begin at 6:30 and will last for about an hour. The following two concerts will also be at Kanemoto Park on July 18th and 25th. Our final concert will be at the Roosevelt Park on August 1st.

The Longmont Concert Band is a nonprofit organization composed of volunteer musicians from the surrounding community. Our goals are to provide high quality concert band music to the general public, to provide a fun and invigorating atmosphere for local amateur musicians to create music, and to increase the sense of community in the local area by being active participants in local events.

We are a proud member of the Longmont Performing Arts Initiative and recipients of the SCFD Grant Foundation Cultural Funding.