By Laws/Policies

Longmont Concert Band Bylaws

The Longmont Concert Band (LCB) is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization composed of volunteer musicians from the surrounding communities. Our goals are to provide quality concert band music to the general public, to provide a fun and invigorating atmosphere for local amateur musicians to create music, and to increase the sense of community in the local area by being active participants in local events. In short, our goal is to make music and have fun!

The LCB is open to all adult musicians from Longmont and the surrounding area who are capable of playing at the level of the band as determined by the Director. Good high school musicians are also invited to be members at the discretion of the Director. All personal information collected will only be used for the affairs of the LCB and will not be released except by the permission of the individual, except for names on concert programs and other published membership lists.

The Board shall be comprised of the Director as a non-voting member and at least 5 others. A minimum of 50% of the Board shall be playing members of the band, but other Board positions are open to interested members of the public. Members of the Board shall serve two-year overlapping terms, with at least two new members selected each year. Board terms shall run from the beginning of the fall rehearsals.

Each year the Board will accept volunteers, or solicit members of the Band or the public for open Board seats. New Board member candidates will be presented for election by a majority of the Band members present in rehearsal when the election is held, normally within the first three rehearsals of the fall season.

The Board shall select from its members other than the Music Director a Board President, Treasurer and Secretary. Elections for these positions are to be held at the beginning of each new Board term in the fall.

The Director is chosen by the Board and approved by the Members through a majority vote. The Director may receive a stipend, as determined by the Board. The Board shall review the Director’s performance and stipend annually, prior to Contract renewal. The Director’s responsibilities include the selection of music, overseeing musicianship, conducting of rehearsals and performances., and the selection of any guest soloists or guest conductors.

LCB rehearsals are held Wednesday evenings throughout the concert season, September through May, plus any additional rehearsals that are required for performances during the summer. Dates and times of rehearsal will be determined by the Director in consultation with the Board. Concerts are set by the Board and the Director, but generally will be include two full concerts in the Fall and two in the Spring. Additional concerts during the summer and participation in civic and other local events will be determined on a year-to-year basis. Extra rehearsals for these events will be held as requested by the Director and approved by the Board.

Dues shall be collected each playing season (January-May, June-August, September-December), and shall be set by the Board. Dues are used for LCB expenses including music, rehearsal space, other costs associated with the operating the LCB. All expenses must be approved by the Board.

These by-laws shall be periodically reviewed, amended, or revised by the board and must be approved by majority vote of the band members.

The Longmont Concert Band does not discriminate against any person or organization based on age, race, sex, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity, gender expression, ancestry, marital status, gender, veteran status, military status, political service, affiliation or disability.

Membership Policies

Dues for members are set by the Board of Directors, and are subject to change by a majority vote of the Board. Current dues to be a member in good standing are $60 per year, to be paid to the band treasurer, either in one payment in September of each year, or in two payments of $30 due in September and in January. The treasurer may waive the dues requirement with regard to individual members upon good cause shown.

Members in good standing are expected to attend rehearsals regularly, missing no more than two rehearsals for each program, to be present at the final (dress) rehearsal before each performance, and to notify their section leader and the director of anticipated absences due to travel, family business or illness.

Players should be in place and ready to play no later than the beginning of each rehearsal, with instrument, music, and any other equipment that is required.

Section leaders will be selected and/or approved by, and serve at the discretion of the director. Players wishing to be considered for section leader should notify the director, who will review the sections and hold any auditions during the first two weeks of each season. Auditions will be held before the director and at least one Board member. Once made by the director prior to the first concert, appointments will normally be for the remainder of the concert season, except in cases of extended absences due to illness or other emergencies, or departure from the band.

In the past, sections have generally been able to decide their own seating, contingent upon the approval of the director. When appropriate, seating will be assigned by the director in consultation with the section leader, taking into consideration the outcome of any auditions, the judgment of the appointed section leader, and the preferences of individual players within the section.

When possible, the band librarian will prepare a folder of music for each individual player in the band. Folders will be available at the first rehearsal prior to each performance. Players are encouraged to take their music home for practice outside of rehearsals. Players are expected to have their folder with them for every rehearsal, to take appropriate care of the music within the folder, and to return the folder in good condition to the librarian following each performance.

Members are expected to treat one another with respect, and to respect the band’s leadership, particularly the respective areas of responsibility of the Director, section leaders and Board members.

Members of the band who have concerns about any aspect of their participation in the band, or who are experiencing conflict with another member, should contact an elected member of the Board to address the issue. Such discussions with Board members are considered confidential, and the board will attempt to resolve any issues privately.